Are Our Parent The Best Teacher?

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Many of us started knowing word “teacher” when we attended formal education or school. Being a teacher is not always teaching at school thing. Wherever there is teaching and learning activity, there must be a teacher and students. Since our parents became persons who educate us about everything around from our birth, I declare that our parents are the best teacher after all. The following explanation will support the statement.

 Basically, formal education introduces the pupils sciences and technologies. As basic education, they are taught writing, reading, doing math. After they have mastered those skills, they will follow next level education well. I believe that all schools don’t want one of their student does any juvenile delinquency. Although counseling teacher hold a role to take care of their students’ moral and behavior, it is still hard to control them anytime because the ratio between the number of the teachers and the number of students is widely different. Furthermore, responsibility to take care of them is limited and will not surpass parents do. Consequently, school education will concentrate on student knowledge development. 

In other hand, our parents look after us from our birth. After few months, they teach us how to call mom and dad in their language. After few months later, they train us to crawl. To and fro, until we can make a conversation, play with other persons, etc. Even they do a preparation for our entering school, in order we will follow class lesson easily. Before they take us to elementary school, they are the first person who introduce alphabetic letters, numbers, how to do a simple counting, everything surrounding us. In home, they convey humanity lesson through storytelling, playing, doing some stuffs together. They have ears to listening and give advice for against our live problem. Shortly, what they do for us is more than educate us, they grow us. They give their life for us. I admit that not every parents have great knowledge about recent sciences or technologies to lesson us, but they teach us the most important thing, that is how to respect our very life. Moreover, our Mom looks after us day and night restlessly. They look after us until the death comes. 

In the end, school teachers are a good teacher and bring our success in future. But our parents bring us into real success in our life whether spiritual or material. They are the best teacher after all.  



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