Krakal Beach, Gunung Kidul Regency

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Java southern coast line offers us beauty and challenges of the nature. It reminds me that Indonesia, the most exotic and diverse cultural country, has the longest coast line in the world. This country is sometimes called by either foreigner or Pribumi “The World Paradise”. That it is extended from the west to the east, there is no place that you would not like to miss to visit, even to stay for couple weeks. I guarantee you, if any foreigners from Japan or western countries who want to get accompany to go around Yogyakarta (later I call Jogja ), no fees for guiding, I offer you free and friendship :), may be you will get cheaper accommodation, food and transportation :). You can contact me by email. FYI, I speak both English and Japanese well.

This moment I just talk about Krakal beach. Yesterday, 9st March, I went there along with my good friend whom I know well from my childhood in Magelang Town, named Wawan. Technically speaking, several beaches in Wonosari area, Gunung Kidul regency, Jogja lie on a line of the shore. It means that you could visit some beaches in one area. For i.e, Baron beach is beside of Kukup Beach, Drini Beach is beside of Sepanjang Beach, Watu Kodok Beach Sanglen Beach, and Krakal Beach is in same shore with Sarangan Beach, Ngandong Beach, Sundak Beach, Sadranan Beach, Indrayanti Beach. Please visit here and take a look at the map below the article and you will see those beaches location. You will also see that Krakal Beach, Drini Beach and Sepanjang Beach are large beaches compared the others. If you do go all those beaches, I remind you to make sure that you have petrol to go and back, because there are a few gasoline stand along the road to the beaches and the place is so far from city, but it is better to bring additional petrol along in a bottle or some small jars (I don’t know how do we call, but we call drigen in Indonesian) with you. Otherwise, you will buy at petrol retailer which it costs higher than at gasoline stand.

So many people go there, sit under beach umbrella or shade of plant or tree and watch the fabulous panorama in front of eyes to get relaxing sensation from the blue sky and greenish blue sea water, hear the rumbling of the wave, feel the wind breezing, may be carbonated drinks or some snacks will make it perfect time to get away from boring activity. Some kids play water and beach sand. Some people are taking pictures around there…or just enjoying the atmosphereJ.

Any beaches has steep and high cliffs between them, big wave, and strong sea current. For the consequence, we must not recommend to anybody to swim away from shore. Even we can’t play surfing because too much sharp rock and cliff near the beach. Some people hike the cliff to see the beach from top to get wider sight. I mean that some cliffs are available to hike, thanks to the locals who provided path to reach top of cliff. If they don’t, so I should say to not try climb or hike, because it is seriously dangerous.

You want to stay for couple days but, you don’t have any tents or other utensils to make emergency fire for cooking, so don’t worry about it my friend. They provide cottage, villa, and inn to let you stay there, I don’t know how much the rate, but I have feeling that they will give you high price, so bring a lot of money. I think you deserve to spend your money like that. You have already worked hard to gain more money, more bonuses and you save them in your bank account. I think it is stupid if you just keep your money uselessJ. All over above, so decide from the beginning if you want to stay there to explore the beach like your own beach, then make a plan. With staying some days, you will save your energy and your time because so many spots that will make you curios.

 I like photography so much, unfortunately my camera is still in my uncle’s friend house and the worst thing is that it has been being about 4 months because he is  busy. And I swear not to lend my camera to anybody :(. Don’t worry, I still have my phone camera. LOL. Actually, I wasn’t satisfied enough with the pictures I have taken. I could not use my Nikon. Here my edited and selected photos. I hope it will satisfy you.



Krakal Beach

Playing water




Sarangan Beach

Sarangan Beach




cliff suset


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