Gion Matsuri, Kyoto

Posted: October 25, 2011 in IdeQ
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Hello –again. It is so long I had never touched my blog. So then, now we are going. Here, the old problem is how I could begin this “first” post. May be choosing a telling story would be nice.

Now, while I am writing this story, not with my girlfriend nor someone else but King and Queen, from 30 second to Mars..:D

Last 2nd of July (my birthday), I went to Maizuru City located western of Kyoto Prefecture. I had an internship there. I guarantee that is no regret to visiting Kyoto. I always think that there are a lot of places and festivals that you have to take a look. I must gratefully thank to god because when I was there, and the same time Gion Festival was held. My instructor teacher, 3 of my friend and I decided to see this festival. My friend and I left from where I was staying until Kyoto City, while my teacher got ready there the day before. We went there by reserved seat bus and it took about 2 hours. On July, Kyoto is definitely very hot because at the time, whole Japan is undergoing summer. So that, I just wore T-shirt and jeans, and so did my friend.

We arrived at bus station where it is in front of Kyoto Station. We had an appointment with our teacher to meeting there.

On a hot day we were walking around the city, searching for a good place to take a picture and to witness the 300-year tradition. You know, there was something that I could not sentence that feeling when I was walking along streets. Probably, it was the soul of city, it would be. I guessed it is the ancient atmosphere that someone has to experience himself. While modernization is in progress at Kyoto City, but ancient soul is always belong to it’s, I thought. Everyplace we visited along small paths, old houses, old building, wherever it was I smelled The Old Age. Although now Japan is an industry country, a big city such as Kyoto is kept on well environment management, alongside of pavement on main roadway is planted trees, so that the roadway is seemed green and clement, somehow. I felt so comfortable with the good aroma from surrounding the city.

Almost a half hour we had walked but nothing, just keeping trying to get close the road which Gion parade will pass over, that was the only thing we could do. Too crowd, people were everywhere, even we could not see the road. We started to complain about hot and tired. Sometimes we took a rest, and then our feet would take us anywhere. The sun was standing on the top our head. We walked back. Anyway, we didn’t eat anything for lunch. But it was not the problem. Hot was the problem.

Not so long we walked, we saw a shady space right on a road intersection. We moved immediately, we were afraid about someone will take the place before us. Fortunately, there was no one notice. It was our lucky day :D. We decided that was the place we will witness the legend tradition. Suddenly, our teacher shouted that the parade will reach there soon. So we prepared our “gun”(camera) to shoot them.

I know nothing about Gion Festival, but you can see here  or browse it, LOL. So, here we go. I got some pictures.

The Gion Float

Note: Sorry before, because I edited the pict become something saturated. I want you to see a great pattern on the Gion wall. If I let it RGB at coloring, it could not be seen clearly. I hope you enjoy the picture. 😀

The Ancient Portal

When I just kept walking along small path in Kyoto, I saw this door. The first thing that was in my brain was The Ancient Portal. I imagined that somehow we can go to the past with a time machine. LOL.

The World Beans Cafe

That’s all my story that I could retell the best I could. I am really sorry for my bad English. If you concern with this, tell me the correction please! 😛


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